I’m retired after 40 years of working in the Aerospace industry in a variety Engineering, Functional Management and Project Management positions. My professional expertise is in the areas of Program, Risk and Knowledge Management. I’m passionate about life-long learning and I’m interested in a wide variety of topics. I’m committed to sharing my knowledge and ideas with those who are interested and I hope to do that through this Blog. My primary hobby is jazz music of all kinds. I’m an amateur jazz keyboard player, and the President of a local, non-profit Jazz Club, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of jazz music from the ’20’s through the 60’s.

3 Responses to About

  1. Pilar Gomez says:

    Hi Dom,
    I am doing a Master research in the topic “Failure and success of IT projects”, in particular I am exploring risk and uncertainty management and leadership. I would be very interested in interviewing you for the research purposes. May I get in contact with you and explain you further?

    Pilar Gomez

    • donmcalister says:

      My area of project management experience is in the aerospace business and not IT. However, if you think I can be of some help to your research, I’m open to the idea of an interview. I suggest you send me an invitation to join your network on LinkedIn.

  2. Giorgio Marchetti says:

    Hallo Don.
    I’ve just read your valuable post about Deming’s SoPK. I’m looking forward to read more about from you in the future.
    This way I came to know about your passion for jazz music. My hobby is producing music (unfortunately I do not play any instrument), and so it would be a great pleasure to have your opinion about my latest project: http://music.jazzylogic.org/album/ultramarine
    Thanks a lot!

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