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Sometimes, If It Sounds Like A Duck, It Might Just Be A Duck

My Uber driver, “Fernando” picked me up at the Huntsville, Alabama airport within 5 minutes of my internet ride request. As we engaged in conversation, I thanked him for showing up so quickly. “You’re welcome,” he said, “I just dropped … Continue reading

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“Corona Virus Blues”

Written by Don McAlister, 6/28/20 as a standard 12 bar blues song. 1. When this all got started We didn’t have a clue ‘Bout how crazy things would get And change everything we knew. At first it didn’t seem that … Continue reading

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A House and A Home

A little Father’s Day nostalgia inspired me to write and post this new poem. Dedicated to Dad’s and Mom’s everywhere. A House and A Home A child grew up in this house One or two, Or maybe more A child … Continue reading

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Now & Then

          I wrote this poem following the passing of my Mother Ellen McAlister, on 7 March 2018. I offer it as a gift to all those who have lost loved ones. Although they’re gone, their memories … Continue reading

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      Ego-Think  An egocentric person Thinks the world is thurstin’ For the “wisdom” that they know is theirs. So they opine things all day long And although they frequently are wrong They never seem to be uncertain of … Continue reading

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Our Love/Hate Relationship with Uncertainty

If uncertainty is the state of not knowing what we need or want to know, then we must hate it…right? After all, uncertainty that matters is what we define as risk. Risk is what keeps us up at night. Worrying … Continue reading

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Pull Me Leadership

      “Push me towards your goals and I will resist, looking backwards at you as the source of my irritation. But, shine a light on your goal, extend your hand to pull me forward, and I will reach … Continue reading

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Profound Knowledge & the Art of Project Management

  Successful Project Management is accomplished through the thoughtfully balanced application of leadership art and science. There are many excellent resources available for those seeking to improve their leadership science competencies. However, few experienced-based resources are available for those seeking … Continue reading

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Project Management Rescue Tips – Smoke Jumping

Every year, wildfires ravage huge areas of the world’s forest and grassland resources. One of the specialized tools employed to fight these wildfires in remote areas of Russia, Canada, United States, and a few other parts of the world, is … Continue reading

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The Science Behind Better Project Management Competencies

There’s been a lot of discussion and a whole spectrum of opinions expressed about what constitutes the best combination of domain knowledge, relevant experience, and personal competencies to ensure project manager success. Domain knowledge and experience are generally considered “hard” … Continue reading

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