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      Ego-Think  An egocentric person Thinks the world is thurstin’ For the “wisdom” that they know is theirs. So they opine things all day long And although they frequently are wrong They never seem to be uncertain of … Continue reading

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Chaos & Creativity

        If our lives were as simple as we often wish they would be Black and white…yes and no…and complexity free. Then the world would be easier to bear don’t you think? Or would the boredom of … Continue reading

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Our Love/Hate Relationship with Uncertainty

If uncertainty is the state of not knowing what we need or want to know, then we must hate it…right? After all, uncertainty that matters is what we define as risk. Risk is what keeps us up at night. Worrying … Continue reading

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Pursuing Discontentment in 2014

At the beginning of the year, it’s probably cliché to write about our goals and hopes for the coming year, but I’m going to do it anyway. I’ve just completed my second year of retirement. The conventional wisdom is that … Continue reading

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The Never Year

In most of my blogs I write about the things that I’ve learned from my experience in the business world. Some of my blogs however are more personal and talk about things that I’ve learned about myself, and those close … Continue reading

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Today I Met A Wounded Warrior

I had the honor of speaking with a wounded warrior today. His name is Nelson Holman and he’ll celebrate his 93rd birthday in October 20th. He sustained his wounds on December 7, 1941, while serving on the USS Pennsylvania at … Continue reading

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Technology Driven Emergent Habits

Last week I attended a wonderful conference dedicated to better thinking about thinking. During a break between sessions, I made use of the hotel restroom and while washing up, I experienced a moment that I can only describe as brain … Continue reading

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