A Bit of Risk Management Humor

Although you may not be professionally enagaged in risk management activities, you and everyone else in the world is in fact a risk management practitioner.  If you buckle your seat, make a restaurant reservation or have life insurance, you’re managing risk.  I wrote this limerick many years ago to offer an everyday, albeit quirky, example of risk management behavior.

What is Risk Mitigation?

A risk manager with a very sick pet

Found a way to hedge his risk bet.

He so loved his hound

That he searched ‘til he found

A combination taxidermist and vet.

                                                                       by Don McAlister on 1/28/98

About donmcalister

I retired at the end of 2011, after a 39 year career in the Aerospace industry as a Propulsion Engineer, Engineering Manager and Program Manager. My professional interests and expertise are in the areas of Program, Risk and Knowledge Management. I'm passionate about life-long learning in a wide variety of topics and I'm committed to sharing my knowledge and ideas with those who are interested. I'm an Aerospace Industry Consultant. I serve my community as a Rotarian. My hobby is playing as a jazz keyboard.
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1 Response to A Bit of Risk Management Humor

  1. susielindau says:

    That is too funny! Hahaha!

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