A Bit of Risk Management Humor

Although you may not be professionally enagaged in risk management activities, you and everyone else in the world is in fact a risk management practitioner.  If you buckle your seat, make a restaurant reservation or have life insurance, you’re managing risk.  I wrote this limerick many years ago to offer an everyday, albeit quirky, example of risk management behavior.

What is Risk Mitigation?

A risk manager with a very sick pet

Found a way to hedge his risk bet.

He so loved his hound

That he searched ‘til he found

A combination taxidermist and vet.

                                                                       by Don McAlister on 1/28/98


About donmcalister

I retired at the end of 2011, after a 39 year career in the Aerospace industry as an Propulsion Engineer, Engineering Manager and Program Manager. My professional interests and expertise is in the areas of Program, Risk and Knowledge Management. I'm passionate about life-long learning involving a wide variety of topics and I'm committed to sharing my knowledge and ideas with those who are interested. My primary hobby is performing jazz music. I'm a jazz keyboard player, and vocalist, and I'm on the Board of Directors of the non-profit Simi Valley Jazz Club, which is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of jazz music from the '20's through the 60's.
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One Response to A Bit of Risk Management Humor

  1. susielindau says:

    That is too funny! Hahaha!

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